Yes, it’s true. When you use ESPRESSO AH LA CART for your next party or special event,

you can have all the mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes you can handle! 

Here’s the skinny (as in double mocha latte):

There is a two hour minimum of $270 and $120 for each additional hour.

(which is based on the number of people that can be served).

Our service averages up to forty prepared espresso beverages per hour and includes at no extra charge - napkins, sprinkles, stirrers, sugars, and very attractive 12 ounce, disposable, heat sensitive cups with lids.

There is also no additional charge for set-up or travel time within a 20 mile radius of our downtown Kansas City location. Anything outside this radius will incur a travel fee of $1/per each additional mile. 

Brewed coffee is available for an additional charge.

The equipment and supplies we bring are capable of producing a wide variety of drinks.  The most requested coffees -

LATTES, CAPPUCCINOS, MOCHAS, and ESPRESSOS - can be made regular or decaf using freshly roasted beans.

They can also be made skinny, double, iced, or with any of combination of these.

We also provide several flavors such as caramel or vanilla as an additive to any of our beverages.

Our espresso cart is very compact and only needs a standard 110 volt electrical service and comes with a very friendly staff who are trained and prompt.

When you use ESPRESSO AH LA CART, an espresso bar serving quality coffee beverages will surely highlight your next event. Book us today! - 913-645-3507

- Dave Nepstad, owner of ESPRESSO AH LA CART

 1000 walnut street, kansas city, missouri 64109 :: :: 

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